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The song "We need a Plan" is sung by Littlefoot and Cera in the episode called "The Brave Longneck Scheme" because Rhett wanted to be best friends with Ali but Littlefoot and Cera said that Rhett tells any lies ( as mentioned in the song) and legendary stories on him, counterattacking Sharpteeth ( e.g. Red Claw) and rescuing his herd from any possible dangers which made Rhett a legend.

Also in the song, Littlefoot & Cera mentioned that a Sharpteeth could get Rhett on his mighty tail and run away.



Well, it's not fair
He can't be her best friend


I don't care
The stories he's telling are phony
Rhett is telling her lies


Rhett says he's brave
The scarer of Sharpteeth


There's no way
That he'd ever dare to get near one


That he'd grab his mighty tail
and run


But even if
his stories all are lies
How do we try
to convince
Ali otherwise


He'll still decieve


She'll believe


We need a plan


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