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Sand Creeper Home

The Sand Creeper Home is a small lake outside of the Great Valley, where the Sand Creepers in the TV episode "March of the Sand Creepers" live.


The Sand Creeper Home appears in the twenty-third episode "March of the Sand Creepers," where Littlefoot and his friends are investigating where the Sand Creepers might have come from.

They first meet Scuttle, one of the Sand Creepers that denies some help from a volcano by Littlefoot using a log but the Sand Creeper jumped from an island that he was stranded on when the volcano was oozing lava and landed on Cera's nose (making the Threehorn very angry, leaving Littlefoot to get her to calm down).

Meanwhile, as Crunch, Scuttle's former leader, pinches Spike on the nose by using its claws as the 'Big Wise One' gives chase at him, the kids followed Scuttle to a watery place known as a whirlpool which he demands the kids to get some kelp for him to eat (which the kids think that Scuttle is in charge for them as slaves).

Cera, who has a dislike to the Sand Creeper and was nearly drowned in that whirlpool thinking that she wanted to try it out first, gets angry at the crab and tells him that he can be the leader of the rest of the Sand Creepers which it was a good idea and near the end, Scuttle becomes the leader of the Sand Creepers to take them back to their home while Spike gives another chase to Crunch who pinched the 'Big Wise One' once again.