The Meadow of Jumping Waters is a meadow that is filled with geysers. It appears in the episode of the same name.


The Meadow of Jumping Waters is an area in the Mysterious Beyond that is filled with geysers that shoot out warm water. There appears to be sulfur or another bad smelling substance present in the water and mud around it. Ruby mentions it as being not too far out into the Mysterious Beyond, just beyond the Sheltering Grass.


Ruby and Chomper come through this area in their search for the Great Valley while they are being chased by Red Claw. The children are able to escape briefly by hiding behind a tree. While they are hiding Chomper says he smells something terrible; Ruby doesn't smell anything, and concludes that it's because Chomper has a better sense of smell than her. Red Claw soon spots them and chases them through the Meadow of Jumping Waters. As he is about to catch them, a geyser shoots water up into his face. Angry and somewhat startled, Red Claw stomps on the geyser to prevent it from shooting out anymore water. After a moment he lifts his foot and looks into the now stagnant geyser. While he is distracted, the children are able to get away and hide inside some ferns.

Chomper and Ruby later tell their friends about the place, and all but Cera believe them. The children decide to set off on an adventure to find it, and see if the water really does "jump" there. When they reach the meadow they are amazed, and then go on to singing the song "Good Times, Good Friends". Afterwards, however, Spike accidentally falls into some of the mud around the place, and begins to smell extremely bad. In an attempt to get rid of the smell, he washes the mud off with one of the geysers; this however does not remove the smell. The friends decide to start going home, as it is getting late. They leave the meadow with Spike trailing behind. This is the last time the Meadow of Jumping Waters is seen in the series.

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