"The Lesson" is a song from The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze.


Mr. Thicknose
Everyone wants to be important
Everyone wants to be heard
Everyone wants to be the center of the circle
Where friends are hanging on your every word
No matter how close you are to an egg
Or how old you grow to be
Everybody needs somebody to listen
even somebody like me

Everyone wants to be respected

Everyone wants to be liked

Mr. Thicknose
Whether you've got three horns on your head

Or a beak that's sharp

Or a tail that's spiked

Mr. Thicknose
When you want to be more fascinating
You may say things that aren't quite true
Everyone's tempted to fib sometimes

Even someone good like you

We want folks to admire us
We want someone to care

We want to make a difference

And to know that others know we're there

Mr. Thicknose
But everyone has their own importance
That is what I've come to see
Everyone has their own special place

In the nest

In the herd

In the family

Mr. Thicknose
Respect's not a thing you can make someone give you
It's something you have to earn
Who would've thought after all this time
There were more things I had to learn

And thank you all for teaching me

You're never... too old... to learn

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