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Information in this article is non-canon

The Greatest Adventure trilogy is the theatrical trilogy for the final three movies of the Land Before Time saga.  It mainly focuses on Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, and Ruby as they come of age, though it also includes others, including Ptero.

It was created to address many things the fans wanted and also address pressing issues to tie up the series.  It addresses the following.

  • Will Chomper stay nice or will he turn on Leaf Eaters?
  • Why did Littlefoot befriend Chomper so close to the time he lost his mother and why does he trust Chomper so much when the others doubt him?
  • Did Littlefoot have any lasting damage or trauma or effects from his mother's death?
  • What went on in the scenes not shown after the Earhtshake and when Littlefoot finds his dying mother and what went on after he left her but before he found Rooter?
  • Are Red Claw and Sharptooth related and where did they come from?
  • Has Chomper taken any flak for being a friendly Sharptooth?
  • How did the Leaf Eaters find out about and get control of the Great Valley and what is the story behind the place?
  • Why does the Old One think the Great Valley isn't safe even though it seems to have a track record of zero Sharptooth fatalities and seems to avoid the stuff, well, mostly, that damage things in the Mysterious Beyond (often for years there)?  What is her past and has she lived in the Great Valley before?  Was there any motivation for her to have wanted to trample Chomper in "The Brave Longneck Scheme" other than fear he was attacking Ali and Rhett?  How old is she and why do even Littlefoot's grandparents call her "The Old One".
  • Will Littlefoot and Ali ever get married?
  • How would the Great Valley residents react to an older form of Chomper (even if he is nice)?
  • What would Littlefoot do if he ever thought that Chomper had turned on Leaf Eaters and had gone bad?
  • Are there evil omnivores in Land Before Time and are we ever gonna see them?
  • Will Chomper ever get a girlfriend?
  • What if Littlefoot ever got banished from the Great Valley?
  • Does Strut just prefer green or does he secretly not like eating eggs?
  • Why is Ozzy such a jerk?
  • Whatever happened to Petrie's dad?
  • What is Guido's past and are there others like him?
  • Is Pterano still keeping something from Petrie and others?
  • Why are Dil and Ichy together despite it pretty much being taboo for Sharpteeth of different kinds to be together?  (The only exception was Red Claw and his Fast Biters, but there, it appears they are his servants.)  How do they know Leaf Eater?  What keeps them together despite the fact that they seem to not be able to stand each other?  What are their back stories?
  • Will Ruby ever get a boyfriend?
  • Why did Chomper chase Littlefoot & co. in that canyon in movie V?
  •  Can Sharpteeth eat Nightflowers?
  • Is there a Sharptooth counterpart of the Great Valley?
  • Are we ever gonna see a villain who is truly sinister and bad and has many reasons to try and attack the main characters?
  • Are Rinkus and Sierra coming back?
  • Will Thud ever turn good?
  • Will Strut ever turn good?
  • Will Petrie ever act brave?  
  • What was Littlefoot's relationship like with his mother before he lost her?
  • Can other dinosaurs appear as ghosts or just Littlefoot's mother?
  • Can Sharpteeth stay nice their whole lives or is it impossible?
  • Would Chomper still be nice to herbivores if all of them, even Littlefoot, turned against him?
  • Does Ruby have a dark side?
  • What would the Great Valley do if they ever was, or appeared to be, a fatal Sharptooth attack within the Great Valley itself?
  • Are there any secret entrances to the Great Valley?
  • Are Littlefoot and Chomper going to fight each other ever?
  • Would the Mountains that Burn make a great place for an epic dino fight?
  • How did the Combined Herd form and how did dino segregation end for it to form?
  • Can dino segregation end in the rest of the dino world or is it impossible?
  • Could a Combined Pack of Sharpteeth ever form?
  • Are there turncoats among the Great Valley residents?
  • Are we ever going to see another massive Earthshake?
  • What is Ptero's personal life like in the Great Valley?
  • Whatever happened to Darrien, Thorn, Lorenzo, Edna, Farrell, and Velo?
  • What happens with Orni?
  • Do Shorty and Dayo get married?
  • Do Littlefoot and Rhett fight to win Ali's heart?
  • How has Leafie adapted to living in the Great Valley?
  • What if Ozzy, Strut, Rinkus, Sierra, Red Claw, Screech, and Thud ever teamed up?  Would that make it hard for Littlefoot to win?
  • If Chomper ever were to go bad, would his knowledge, presumably, of Leaf Eater weaknesses, his knowledge of the Leaf Eater language, his knowledge of the entrances to the Great Valley and the layout of the place, and his likely knowledge of what tricks Leaf Eaters would use to dodge Sharpteeth make him the most formiddable enemy the Great Valley has ever faced?

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