The Land Before Time - The Spooky Nighttime Adventure

The front cover of The Land Before Time: The Spooky Nighttime Adventure.

The Land Before Time: The Spooky Nighttime Adventure is a 2008 "I Can Read" book written by Jennifer Frantz. It is based on the episode "The Spooky Nighttime Adventure" from The Land Before Time television series.


The story is based on the fifteenth episode of the Land Before Time TV show and the final Land Before Time book for children and babies to read. It is based on the episode, "The Spooky Nighttime Adventure" as Petrie finishes his story on a Fast Biter who had to call for a Dino Flyer to stop two Sharpteeth from getting him which was a success.

Then, Ruby tells the story of an invisble dinosaur named Hidden Runner which some of the kids had scary sleep stories on him which Ducky's was one of them for the episode.

Next morning, nearly everyone had the stories except Cera who says that Threehorns don't have scary sleep stories. Then, the kids tell Mr. Thicknose to find out that Hidden Runner was a false imaginary but he says that he saw the one when he was little which makes Petrie very frightened but keeps his pride on the track.

Would Cera have a scary sleep story because of Threehorns don't have scary sleep stories like the kids and can Mr. Thicknose find Hidden Runner on the spot?