Saro Tells a Story cover

The front cover of Saro Tells a Story.

The Land Before Time: Saro Tells a Story is a The Land Before Time book written by Jennifer Frantz and illustrated by Charles Grosvenor. The story is based on the episode "The Legend of the Story Speaker".[1]


Littlefoot wants to help Grandpa Longneck bring Saro back to the Great Valley to become the new Story Speaker. But when Littlefoot, Chomper, and Saro find themselves trapped in the Mysterious Beyond by an earthshake, it is up to Saro to use one of the great Longneck stories to teach Littlefoot and Chomper about bravery and courage.

The story is based on the eleventh LBT episode of the TV series, 'The Legend of the Story Speaker' which Littlefoot was keen to help Grandpa Longneck bringing Saro back to the Great Valley to become the new Story Speaker. In the Mysterious Beyond where Chomper and Littlefoot meet Saro there, are trapped by an earthshake which Saro was stamping his feet was the cause but he did use one of the Longneck stories to teach the two kids about courage and bravery until reinforcements arrive, lead by Grandpa Longneck.




  1. The front cover of the book says so.

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