Cera's Shiny Stone

The front cover of The Land Before Time: Cera's Shiny Stone.

The Land Before Time: Cera's Shiny Stone is a 2008 "I Can Read" book by Catherine Hapka, based on the episode "The Canyon of Shiny Stones", of the Land Before Time television series.


The story is based on the fourth episode of the Land Before Time TV series 'The Canyon of Shiny Stones' which Cera loses Tria's gem by knocking down the stand in a stream down below and her friends (Littlefoot , Ducky , Ruby , Chomper , Spike and Petrie ) including her, must go to the Mysterious Beyond to find a Canyon of Shiny Stones and get a gem for Tria as a spare.

The two songs in it are:

  • Oops - Eeps
  • Good Times, Good Friends

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