This page is for nominations of the Main Page's Featured Article of the Month.

Rules for nominating and/or voting

  • You must be an established member of the Land Before Time Wiki team. This means you have made at least ten constructive contributions to any of the articles in the wiki. You do not have to have an account to vote.
  • The article must be one in the Category:Featured Articles.
  • You must list your nomination in the "Current candidates" section below.
  • If you choose instead to vote for an article already listed as a candidate, please remember that this will count as your nomination unless you vote against it. Voting Neutral also counts as a nomination.
  • You must give at least a few brief sentences below your nomination, describing why you've chosen to nominate this article.

Past Features of the Month







Current candidates:

To read the past discussions, see here.

Article Name Here

For May, 2013.

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Against: 0
Neutral: 0
  • Why:

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