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"The Great Log-Running Game" is the fifth episode of The Land Before Time.


Ducky discovers how to balance on a floating log while running. Soon everyone is trying to balance on logs. But when Cera tries to prove that Threehorns are the best, she gets swept up by the current and near Roaring Falls.

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"The Great Log-Running Game" has a current rating of 9.2/10 at, based on nine votes.[1]


  • The Log-Running Game is apparently a game for dinosaurs who are twofooters and not fourfooters. Among those competiting in the game are:
    • Ducky (Winner)
    • Chomper (2nd place)
    • Ruby (3rd place)
    • Petrie (4th place)
  • One of four episodes on the Good Times & Good Friends DVD.


  • While Cera is travelling to the falls, Topsy and Littlefoot can be seen standing with Cera onshore, instead of Spike.
    Cera With LittleFoot And Topsy

    The Error That Spike Was Replaced With Cera.


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""The Canyon of Shiny Stones""
The Land Before Time TV series Followed by:
""The Brave Longneck Scheme""

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