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"The Forbidden Friendship" is the eighteenth episode of The Land Before Time. It originally aired on May 18, 2007.


The episode starts in the middle of winter where the Gang is waiting for the snow to melt. They see an icicle fall and realize that the ice on the river is thawing. The Gang goes to play "Hard Water Hop." Ruby's attention turns out to be on the growing grass which is food. It was only enough for all dinosaurs if they share. It would be satisfied until Far walkers turn up. They are Spiketails and spot Tippy, who improved on speaking and very excited to see Spike. After a bit of reunion, the Spiketails travel in the Great Valley to share food. Mr. Threehorn protests there is not enough food for everything with the Spiketail Leader accusing him of being selfish, and the whole residents and traveler argue. Mr. Threehorn and Spiketail leader get into a short fight. Then after the fight the spike tail leader thanks Grandpa Longneck for letting them have the little green food they have but says that does not mean that he will not be around them because of Mr. Threehorn's behavior toward him has been. Tippy and Spike are playing they are intrupted by the spiktail leader that it is time to go and Tippy explains that he wants to play with Spike but Tippy's mother breaks the bad news he lives in the great valley and then the spike tail leader ask them why and the spike tail leader learning this says to Tippy that he will not hang around with the great valley dinosaurs and says he cannot play with Spike. Because of this Tippy and Spike are forbidden to play with each other. This saddens both of them. Eventually, Tippy sneaks away to play with Spike. This worries Ducky who doesn't know what to do. During Spike and Tippy's playtime, they end up in an area where there are a whole bunch of food enough for everyone in the Great Valley. The two decides to tell everyone. Ducky tells the gang about what's happening between Tippy and Spike and Cera tries to tell her father about it. Cera then lies about it but Spike and Tippy shows up and are in trouble and then their parents are very upset that they disobeyed their commands. Tippy's mother accuses spike of talking her son Tippy into it but mamma swimmer says that her Spike can't do that because he does not talk then the adults begin to decide their punishment but is off the hook when Tippy tells everyone about the place with food after Ducky asks why they let the adults catch them on purpose. This causes an even bigger argument with the adults. The gang and Tippy decides to run away. They cross an icy bridge and Tippy and Spike both fall off. The adults work together to save them and agrees to share the food. Soon the Far walkers must travel to other places and Tippy is now okay to be friends with Ducky. After they leave, Spike is saddened but Ducky tags Spike and the gang starts playing tag.

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Mr Threehorn: Share our food? Are you crazy? There's not enough to go around as it is.

Spiketail leader: Of course there is. You're just being selfish.

Mr. Threehorn gasps

Adult dinosaurs chattering in agreement

Mr. Threehorn: I don't belive this! First you barge in and demand to share our food and then you insult us!

Spiketail leader: (Getting in Mr. Threehorn' face) I don't like your attitude.

Mr. Threehorn: Nobody asked you to like it

Grandpa Longneck: (attempting to settle the Spiketail leader and Mr. Threehorn's argument) Please there's plenty of food for everyone.

Mr Threehorn: No, there's not and even if there were, I wouldn't want to share with this pack of interlopers! (Thuds the Spiketail leader)

Spiketail leader: (talking to Mr. Threehorn) Did you push me, huh, you trying to push me?

Mr. Threehorn: Oh, when I push you you'll know it

(Mr. Threehorn and the Spiketail leader growl more.  Mr. Threehorn and the Spiketail leader start fighting and kids gasp)

Tippy's mother: Oh my

Grandpa Longneck: Break it up, break it up, please!

Spiketail leader: Oh okay (strains and grunts while trying to get free)

Spiketail leader: We're stuck aren't

Littlefoot and his friends laugh (except for Cera)

Grandpa longneck: You're all welcome to share what little food we have

Spiketail leader: But that does't mean we need to hang around with you

Mr. Threehorn: Oh-ho! How sad!

Domehead: (about Spike tail leader while farwalkers walking away) Well, I never...

Iguanodon: Who does he think he is?

Domehead: Humph, the nerve!

Tippy's mother: Oh now Tippy, you heard what our leader said "no playing with Spike".

Spike (groans sadly)

Mama Swimmer to Spike: Don't even think about it, Spike. Those far walkers don't want to associate with us then so be it.

Ducky: I am sorry about you and Tippy, but I will play whatever game you want

Ducky: Oh, Spike is too sad to play

Littlefoot: Spike would still get to play with Tippy if the grown ups weren't mad at each other

Cera: It's all the Farwalkers' fault! They shouldn't have barged in here when there isn't enough food to go around.

Ducky: There is Spike! He is playing with Tippy (remembers what Mama Swimmer said ) oh no no!

Ducky: Spike is disobeying our Mommy! If someone sees him he'll be in so much trouble he will, he will.

(Ducky sing "What To Do")

Ducky: If I tell you a secret will you promise not to tell anyone ever?

All: Uh huh.

Ducky: I just saw Spike and Tippy and they were playing together!

(All gasp)

Petrie: You going to tell on them?

Ducky: I don't know what to do, that's why I came to ask you!

Ducky: But Spike also should not be disobeying our Mommy

Cera: Well, if you're not going to tell anyone about Spike and Tippy then I will!

Ducky: Cera! No, no!

Cera: Hey! Wait till you hear what I found out!

Tippy's mother: (asks angrily) Tippy, what are you doing with Spike?

Tippy: We just want to play together!

Tippy's mother: But you disobeyed me.

Mama Swimmer: Spike, you disobyed me!

Tippy's mom: Well, your Spike must have talked Tippy into it.

Mama Swimmer: (to Tippy's mother) My Spike doesn't talk.


  • Tippy and his herd (including his mother and the Spiketail leader) return in this episode. Tippy is voiced by Cree Summer in this episode.
  • Littlefoot says that Tippy is learning to talk, but he knew how to talk before, although he is more talkative then he was before. Also, in this episode, for some reason, Tippy talks in the third person, which he didn't do in the eighth movie.
  • Grandma Longneck, Tria, and Kosh all appear but they have no lines.
  • This is the second time Topsy has a fight with a Spiketail.
  • This episode, which occurs at the end of the Winter season, may have taken place just before the events of The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave, which takes place in very early Spring.

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