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"The Big Longneck Test" is a episode of The Land Before Time.


Littlefoot's father, Bron and Shorty travel to the Great Valley to give Littlefoot the news that he will be taking the "Big Longneck Test", a three stage test to see if a Longneck is capable of leading a herd. Meanwhile, Shorty tries to lead Littlefoot's friends on an adventure to see the Great Stone Walkover.

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Cera: How could Shorty have passed the leadership test?
Petrie: Maybe it test for bad leaders.
Chomper: (Eating a hive of bees) Mmm, yellow buzzers!
Shorty: That's disgusting!
Cera: You get used to it.

Preceded by:
"The Amazing Threehorn Girl"
The Land Before Time TV series Followed by:
"The Great Egg Adventure"

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