Littlefoot is the greatest best friend forever and leader of the entire group......

Dude722 02:01, February 21, 2012 (UTC)

Everydinos Hate him its so sad:(...

Dinosaurs And Dragons

In The Land Before Time: Return To The Great Vally LittleFoot Has The Same Jumping Like Classic Spyro

Littlefoot is a Brontosaurus (again) as of 2015

Apatosaurus excelsus, the species which was used in the making of [original movie in 1988], was called as such beginning in 1903 when it was previously called Brontosaurus excelsus. However, in 2015, the species was changed back to B. excelsus due to studies in the relationships of diplocodid relationships and came to a conclusion that Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus were two entirely different species from the start. These are my sources. In other words, due to the name of the species at the time the original movie (1988 was five years before it was called Apatosaurus) was made and as of 2015, Littlefoot, among any other of his own species shown in the series, are basically identified Brontosaurus once again. The GLORIOUS one!!! (talk) 00:44, September 4, 2015 (UTC)

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