These are Sharpteeth that live in the water. They're first appearance can be dated to the original movie during the opening scene, even before the term was official in later sequels. such as the 5th and 9th movies. Most are unable to go onto land, though some, such as Nothosaurus and Sarcosuchus have been seen on land. They are also dubbed Sharptooth Swimmers.


It's unknown if friendly Swimmers like Elsie and Mo would be considered Swimming Sharpteeth because they do not attack dinosaurs, though they are carnivores (though they lack sharpteeth unlike their reality counterparts). They have only been called Swimmers (though some speculate that plesiosaurs would be called "Swimming Longnecks"). Eusthenopteron would be a Swimming Sharptooth because of there jaws. Examples of Swimming Sharpteeth include Cretoxyrhina, Liopleurodon, Nothosaurus, Hydrotherosaurus, Kronosaurus, Mosasaurus and Metriorhynchus.



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