Supersaurus was a diplodocid sauropod dinosaur that live during the late Jurassic. They were one of the largest dinosaurs ever. Apart from that they looked like most diplodocids. It grew around 33 metres and weighed around 35-40 tons.


Based on fossil evidence that's been found, its believed that this sauropod measured about 33 to 34 meters in length and weighed 35-40 tons, and some researchers raise this number to 42 meters, which would make it one of the longest of all known sauropods. The Supersaurus was a typical diplodocid, with a small skull, solid legs and a long neck and tail.[1]


The first Supersaurus fossil was found in western Colorado, by paleontologist James A. Jensen in 1972, and was named in 1985. It is only known from an incomplete fossil which includes two shoulder blades 8 feet long, ribs 10 feet long, neck vertebrae 4.5 feet long, and a pelvis 6 feet wide.


Supersaurus was first assigned to Diplodocidae, but was later specified to Apatosaurinae, as Supersaurus is thought to be more closely related to Apatosaurus than Diplodocus.

The position in the tree:








Supersaurus in The Land Before Time

Supersaurus (like all sauropods) are known to the Land Before Time dinosaurs as Longnecks. It only appears in The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration and then only one (possibly two, though the other is probably designed after the "chimera" synonym Ultrasauros that was Sue's boyfriend, which was made from the bones of a Supersaurus and a Brachiosaurus) is seen - Sue.


Sue, a Supersaurus


  1. Lovelace, David M.; Hartman, Scott A.; and Wahl, William R. (2007). «Morphology of a specimen of Supersaurus (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) from the Morrison Formation of Wyoming, and a re-evaluation of diplodocid phylogeny». Arquivos do Museu Nacional 65 (4): pp. 527–544.

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