This article is about the stone. For the film it appears in, see The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire.

Stone of Cold Fire

The Stone of Cold Fire

The Stone of Cold Fire is an unusual Flying Rock that flies through the air and lands on Threehorn Peak. It is blue and appears to be on fire. Littlefoot sees it, but few believe him, including Grandma Longneck, Grandpa Longneck, his friends, and two Rainbow Faces who tell everyone that it could possibly be a Stone of Cold Fire. Pterano overhears that it may have extraordinary powers and plans to find it. He and two other Flyers, Rinkus and Sierra, attempt to reach it, and Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, Ducky, and Spike attempt to get there first to prevent them from using it for evil. However, it is soon revealed that Pterano wanted to create a paradise (even if he did intend to rule it himself, and not realizing that the Great Valley was already a paradise), and that the stone wasn't magic at all. Rinkus and Sierra chose that moment to attempt to overthrow Pterano and kept banging rocks against it so they could see its power. However, Threehorn Peak explodes in a volcanic eruption, causing the stone to explode and send Rinkus and Sierra flying into a cave they had previously camped in (whether they were killed is not specified).

When Littlefoot asks the Rainbow Faces whether it was really a Stone of Cold Fire, they tell him that it wasn't.

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