Stegoceras validum

Stegoceras is a genus of pachycephalosaurid dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of North America. It is one of the smallest known pachycephalosaurs and it is also one of the first of the group known. It is also one of the most completely known pachycephalosaurs, as it is known from skeletons, skulls, and skull domes. A study was carried out on its dome and found out that, unlike those of other pachycephalosaurs, the dome of Stegoceras could withstand really high pressure. Because of this, it is theorized that it was capable of butting heads with rivals, something that many other species couldn't do without snapping their necks.

In The Land Before Time

Stegoceras TLBT

Stegoceras sprite sheet

Stegoceras Ingame

Stegoceras Ingame

Stegoceras appeared as an enemy in The Land Before Time for Gameboy Advance. It is encountered in the game's second area, Smelly Swamp, and the game's third area, Tall Mountains. It will walk back and forth until it sees the player, with it then trying to charge the player. However, it can be simply defeated by jumping on its back. It gives the player 100 points when defeated.

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