Squalicorax ("raven shark") is a species of shark from the Late Cretaceous period. It was a costal predator, avoiding its relative Cretoxyrhina in deeper water. However, it very likely scavenged on drowned dinosaurs, as a Squalicorax tooth was found embedded in the foot of a hadrosaur fossil. They looked most like the modern gray shark, but had teeth that were more similar to those of a tiger shark. Several species of this genus are known from all across the world.

In The Land Before Time

Squalicorax appears as an enemy in The Land Before Time: Into the Mysterious Beyond for the GameBoy Advance. It appears in the fifth level of the game, in which it swims back and forth in an attempt to run into Ducky to deal damage. As it is underwater, it can't be jumped on, meaning it can only be avoided, not defeated. Strangely, it is depicted as living in a freshwater lake, despite the fact that the real creature was restricted to saltwater oceans.