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The song called "Sniff Him Out" is sung by Ruby and Ducky in the 13th episode of the Land before Time called "The Lonely Journey" when Ducky uses Spike as a sniffer to find Chomper with his eyes closed which Ducky used some mud to cover them from peeking which Spike made a terrible mistake that he climbed on Topsy's back in the opening scene but the game had been started again by Ducky and Ruby.



You can sniff him, Spike, I know
Your sniffer knows the way to go
Do it like you did before
And we will find him for sure
Go sniff him out
I do not have a doubt
You can sniff Chomper out
Your sniffer is very smart
so let us start


Here's where Chomper stood today


Okay, Spike, now sniff away


Look at that, he's got the scent

Ducky & Ruby

Show us where he went

Ducky & Ruby simultaneously

Go sniff him out/You can sniff him out
Do not have a doubt/There can be no doubt
You can sniff Chomper out/Sniff and sniff him out


You can show us how

Ducky & Ruby

to find Chomper now

Go sniff him out!

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