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A female Utahraptor - known as a Fast Biter to the characters in the series - appears in The Land Before Time TV series episode "The Great Egg Adventure". She is the main antagonist of the episode, chasing the children as they move her eggs away from the Great Valley. She is called "Sharptooth Mom" in the credits of the episode.


This female Fast Biter constructed her nest very close to the Great Valley, presumably so that she could easily obtain food for her offspring. She had three eggs as of the episode she appears in. However, the eggs are discovered by Littlefoot and his friends, who move them farther away for safety. She gives chase, but the kids manage to escape, and the Sharptooth watches her children hatch safely in the new location.


  • The Fast Biter mom might be reference to the Velociraptor characters that had appeared in The Land Before Time's third sequel since the characters Hyp, Mutt and Nod had recently appeared 13 years after the sequel's release.
  • She bears a slight resemblance to Screech. The only difference is that Screech has yellow eyes, while this Fast Biter has red eyes.
  • She is the second Sharptooth to go after Littlefoot and Co over an egg, the first being Chomper's parents.



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