Sharptooth Family (The Lonely Journey)
Sharptooth Family
Acrocanthosaurus Pair TLBT

Male and Female (parents)
Unknown (baby)




Light grey and purple (adults)
Light brown with a tan underbelly (baby)

Eye color

Yellow (adults)
White (baby)


Torvosaurus[Citation Needed]



Voice actor


First appearance

The Lonely Journey

Last appearance

The Lonely Journey

A family of Sharpteeth appear in The Lonely Journey as the secondary antagonists of the episode, though they only have a small role.


Chomper encounters the baby of the family after hiding from Red Claw during the Herrerasaurus stampede. Chomper, being on a kick of attempting to make the Sharpteeth of the Mysterious Beyond "friendly", tries to teach it how to play catch. It does not understand Chomper, likely because he was talking in Leaf Eater, and it bites his tail and runs off.

Chomper, realizing that making Sharpteeth "friendly" is harder than he thought, is about to leave, when he hears the roar of the baby Sharptooth's parents. The baby's parents, along with the baby itself, begin to chase Chomper. Chomper is able to evade them by ducking into a canyon corner while the family runs past him, still searching for the young Tyrannosaurus.


  • It is unknown why, unlike the Fast Biters, Chomper didn't catch himself speaking Leaf Eater and attempt to talk to these Sharpteeth in their native language.


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