"I wonder what they are saying."
"What, it's not like they can talk!"

Sharptooth is the term for the language used by carnivorous dinosaurs.[1] It consists of roars and grunts.  Though its usage has extended as far back as the original film, it was first used as a proper conversational tool in The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure by Chomper and his parents when they talked, though no captions were used.

The next time the language is used in a notable light is when Chomper and his parents are talking in The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island, which marks the first time that captions are used for the Sharptooth language.  Cera expresses doubt that Sharpteeth can talk, but Littlefoot correctly believed they do have their own language.

The language is also occasionally ackowledged as proper language throughout the television series. Chomper talks in Sharptooth in 'The Cave of Many Voices', though captions are not used in the episode, nor in 'The Lonely Journey'. However, captions are presented for the dialogue between Chomper and Thud in 'Escape From The Mysterious Beyond'.

It is unknown if Swimming Sharpteeth use this language or if they use the marine language like Mo does or if they use some other language altogether. Dil and Ichy know Leaf Eater, though the reason is not specified, and they never converse in or use Sharptooth.

Ruby may also know Sharptooth, as indicated by her saying she had promised Chomper's parents to look after him, something that would seem hard to do if she didn't know it (barring Chomper translating for her anyway).


  1. The term for the language was identified as "Sharptooth" by Littlefoot in "The Cave of Many Voices".