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This Sharptooth serves as the sole antagonist of The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze.


A Sharptooth identical to it first appears at the beginning of the film sleeping when a small dinosaur unknowingly lands on top of its nose, waking it up. It opens its mouth and tries to bite the dinosaur, but it runs and the Tyrannosaurus gives chase. The dinosaur runs and leaps over the root of a tree, the Sharptooth then turns its attention to another creature. The dinosaur scurries up the tree and the carnivore then turns its attention to a Hadrosaur, but the Hadrosaur jumps into a pool of water and swims away while the Sharptooth slips and falls into it.

Later in the film, what appears to be the same Sharptooth chases after Ducky, but she manages to escape, it chasing her all the way to Littlefoot and her other friends. It then chases after Mr. Thicknose but is hit by snowballs from the children, enraging it. It climbs up the hill to reach the gang but is knocked out thanks to a giant snowball they roll at it.

The Sharptooth appears again later in the film and attacks the gang once more. Mr. Thicknose begins to run away but goes back and knocks a log at the Sharptooth. It trips on the log and is pushed off a cliff to its death.


  • Due to the following reasons, some fans have speculated that this individual may be Red Claw, who appears in the television series.
    • They both have similar skin colors.
    • He may have been scarred due to the log thrown by Mr. Thicknose, likely on one of its sharp branch stumps.


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