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These 2 Sharpteeth (Utahraptor) appear during the climax of The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses.


They first appear when the Tinysaurus herd step out of a cave into the Mysterious Beyond. Shortly afterwards, the dromaeosaurs attack the group, chasing them into the cave. Soon the Fast Biters headed to the Great Valley, where the Utahraptor scurry into the brush. Littlefoot's friends, mistaking the rustling of the foliage for their friend, head towards the bushes, only for the two Utahraptor to jump out. A chase ensues, with Petrie nearly being eaten and Cera only surviving thanks to Tria, who headbutts the attacking sharptooth aside and aids the children in their spat against the predators. The Tinysauruses and Daddy Topps join the fight, and the raptors are eventually scared off by appearance of the rest of the Great Valley's population.


  • Even though these two villains weren't seen again, many other Utahraptor appear throughout the rest of the series, most prominently in the television series, wherein two Utahraptor, Screech and Thud, serve as subordinates for the main antagonist of the show, Red Claw.
  • Other than being voiced by Frank Welker, the Utahraptor's sound effects consist of both jaguar and elephant sounds. It should be noted that if you pitch up the Fast Biter's unique sounds that famous Fay Wray scream can be heard. This points them the first of many Sharpteeth to be voiced by a female actress.
  • The blue Fast Biter looks similar to Sharptooth Mom from The Great Egg Adventure.


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