— Rhett taunting the Sharpteeth

A pair of Sharpteeth appear in a flashback during the Land Before Time TV series episode The Brave Longneck Scheme.



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They first appeared when Rhett is protecting his herd of Longnecks. As the two Sharpteeth came near him, Rhett started throwing rocks at the two Tyrannosaurus. They got scared and ran away. They appeared again when Rhett is leading his herd away. He then knocks trees down and blocks their path. They were last seen again when Rhett makes a landslide with his tail and one of the Sharpteeth slips and fell on his back. They were not seen throughout the rest of the episode.


  • Since Rhett's stories are proven to be a fabrication, it is unknown if these two Sharpteeth are real or not, or if they ever encountered Rhett's herd in real life. If they were real, they were most likely fended off by the other members of Rhett's herd, or halted by the environment, as opposed to being fended off by Rhett.
  • These sharpteeth look very similar to the Orange-Brown Sharptooth from The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration in terms of color.



  1. Rhett calls them a 'him'.
  2. Sharpteeth Trex The Brave Longneck Scheme

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