Saurus Rock

Saurus Rock through the mists


Saurus Rock during the day

Saurus Rock is a rock that looks like Doc, the famous Lone Dinosaur. It first appeared after Doc had beaten The Meanest Sharptooth. The ring of teeth around Saurus Rock's neck is said to have come from the vicious sharptooth. An old legend states that if anything happened to Saurus Rock, bad luck would take place in the Great Valley. Cera's niece and nephew, Dinah and Dana, fell off of Saurus Rock. Cera tried to save them by climbing on the tooth encircling Saurus Rock's neck. Her niece and nephew fell on top of her and they accidentally broke the tooth around its neck. After that, the watering hole that the dinosaurs of the Great Valley always drank from dried up. Later, a massive tornado swept across the Great Valley, ruining everything. Also, when Littlefoot left to fix things by himself to make Doc stay in the Valley, Cera accidentally tossed a little pebble in the air and it collided with an old pile of logs, making them fall on top of her and her friends. Saurus Rock was eventually repaired at the end of the movie with a new tooth on its neck from one of the sharpteeth that Grandpa Longneck and Doc had defeated. It is also said by Grandpa Longneck in the movie The Land Before Time 6: The Secret of Saurus Rock that this huge rock formation is suppposed to protect the entire valley. At the end of the film, Grandpa also revealed that there was never any such thing as bad luck, and the legend that breaking Saurus Rock would cause any was simply a bedtime story, but Littlefoot insists there's no harm in making sure.

Saurus Rock is also seen the TV episodes The Cave of Many Voices, The Star Day Celebration and Return to Hanging Rock.

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