Roaring Falls is a waterfall that appears in the TV series episode, The Great Log Running Game.


The Roaring Falls is a large waterfall in the Great Valley that is fed by a river connected to a watering hole. It flows off a steep cliff into a large pond.


In The Great Log Running Game, Cera is mad at her father for not letting her play a "log-running" game - a game where players try to stay running on logs in water for the longest time - with her friends. She goes over to them anyways and insists that she play the game, despite getting injured the last time she played. She gets on a log, but it starts flowing down the river with her on it. Littlefoot tells everyone that they have to save her, or she'll go over Roaring Falls. As the six children are trying to rescue her, Littlefoot runs up to Cera's father, who has heard Cera's cries for help, and tells him also that she's heading towards Roaring Falls. Them, along with Spike, run to the falls and try to push a boulder across the top so it will block Cera when she flows to the end. They successfully push the boulder down and Cera is rescued by her father when she reaches it. Ducky, Chomper, and Ruby, who were following Cera down the river on their logs, get out too. Soon after, the boulder is pushed down the falls into the lake below by the water building up against it. This is the only named appearance Roaring Falls has in the series.