Rhoetosaurus is an extinct genus of sauropod dinosaurs that lived during the middle Jurassic period, having inhabited what is now eastern Australia.

Rhoetosaurus is estimated to have been about 15 meters (49 feet) long, weighing about 9 tonnes (10 tons).


The man who described Rhoetosaurus, Heber Longman, noted the primitive nature of Rhoetosaurus, and so for a long time, it was called a cetiosaurus. More recently, others have compared it to Shunosaurus, based on similar general age, but without justification. Given its supposed relationship to Shunosaurus, which had a clubbed tail, Rhoetosaurus has also been hypothesized to possess something similar. The form of the nearly complete hind foot at least suggests that lies outside the more derived Neosauropoda, but the material needs further study to determine its precise positioning in sauropod evolution.

Rhoetosaurus in The Land Before Time

Rhett & Ali

Rhett, a possible Rhoetosaurus, alongside Ali, an Apatosaurus

Rhett, a character introduced in the TV series episode, The Brave Longneck Scheme, is believed to be a Rhoetosaurus, due to his name potentially being a pun on the name of the genus.

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