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Pterodactylus (Latin scientific Pteurosauria) was a Pterosaur from late Jurassic Europe. A contemporary of Rhamphorhynchus, it was one of the first pterodactyloid pterosaurs in the world, and its' name is often confused with Pteranodon.

Pterodactylus was a small reptile, hardly larger than a modern pigeon or crow.

It still had teeth, but of a more uniform and smaller size than Rhamphorhynchus. Pterodactylus may have had a crest of skin on its head.

Pterodactylus had almost no tail, unlike Rhamphorhynchus, and it held its neck at an angle, not straightforward, as Rhamphorhynchus did. It was more adapted to moving on land as well, though at its smaller size, it was still vulnerable to dinosaurs and other terrestrial inhabitants.

Both Pterodactylus and Rhamphorhynchus are found in Solnhofen deposits of modern Germany, alongside the ancient bird Archaeopteryx and the small dinosaur Compsognathus.

The Land Before Time

Two Pterodactyluses appear in The Land Before Time during Littlefoot's birth. There are two species of Pterodactylus within the series, which the one seen the The Land Before Time during Littlefoot's birth had a crest (P. antiquus), and the sharptooth flyer that grabbed Ducky (P. kochi).


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