Protorosaurus ("first lizard") is a genus of lizard-like early reptiles. It lived during the late Permian period in Germany and was discovered in 1914 by Lawrence Lambe. It was a small, lizard-like creature with long legs and a long neck. This suggests that it was a fast runner, though it may have primarily fed on insects.

It is a member of the group of extinct reptiles called Protorosauria, which is named after it. This group also includes other oddities, such as the long-necked Tanystropheus and the hind-limb-winged Sharovipteryx. A specimen of Chasmosaurus, was accidentally called Protorosaurus (in this case meaning "before Torosaurus), however, once it was realized that an animal with the same name already existed, the name was switched to Chasmosaurus.

It became extinct in the great Permian Extinction 252 million years ago, which killed around 96% of all living things that lived at the time.

In The Land Before Time

LBT1 Creatures

Green Protorosaurus on the tree next to the grey Pterodactylus.

Protorosaurus appears in The Land Before Time, where one is seen perched on a tree watching Littlefoot's birth next to a grey Pterodactylus. It is depicted as being green in color.

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