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Protohadros (meaning "first hadrosaur") is a genus of herbivorous ornithischian dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian stage), 95 million years ago.

Due to the paucity of the remains much of the reconstruction of this dinosaur is speculative. The skull is about seventy centimetres long. From this Head estimated the length of the type specimen of Protohadros at seven to eight metres. He pointed out that this specimen was that of a subadult and that fully-grown individuals could have been longer. Protohadros had a massive, very deep set of lower jaws, and the snout was strongly turned down at the front, which according to Head suggested a habit of grazing on low-growing plants, rather than browsing from bushes or overhanging branches. Its diet would then have consisted of the swamp plants which grew in the delta streams in its habitat, scooped up by the broad, down-turned mouth. In some respects Protohadros was intermediate in morphology to more derived hadrosaurids. Like these it did have pleurokinesis, a cranial joint system that produced the food-grinding action, but only partially in that the quadrate at the back of the skull was still relatively immobile.

The rear legs of Protohadros were probably longer than the front pair, and it could move on all fours or walk and run on its hind legs only.

The Land Before Time

Land-before-time7-disneyscreencaps com-673

Protohadros in between two Euhelopus.

In The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire, Protohadros appears during the scene in which the Rainbow Faces introduce themselves, between a pair of Euhelopus.

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