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Never mind that Sharptooth...worry about this one!
— Cera warning the others

A large and powerful Giganotosaurus, dubbed by many fans as the "Plated Sharptooth" (which is occasionally shortened to "Plateback" or "Plates"), appears in The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island as the film's main antagonist. It appears on The Mysterious Island, but may not actually live there, as footprints of a sharptooth were found by the gang near the land bridge connecting to the island.



The sharptooth's footprints are first found in the desert by the gang near the land bridge leading to The Mysterious Island.

The Sharptooth is first seen emerging from some trees on the island exactly 45 minutes into the film, where he sniffs the air and growls. He then bites and crunches up a bush the main characters were hiding in not long before.

Later in the film, he sneaks up behind Littlefoot and roars right behind the young longneck. He runs into a grove of roses and finds Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike hiding in a grove of roses where Chomper had hidden them, where upon they flee in terror.

As he gives chase, the gang then runs across the log which they had traveled across before, and from the extra movement, the log collapses into the crevice below. The children start to taunt the Sharptooth, which he then responds by easily jumping over the crevice. The children continue to run across the island to try to outrun the sharptooth, but it keeps pace with them, all the while Chomper hears the growls of the sharptooth and the scream of Littlefoot. He quickly turns around and heads toward the noise. Meanwhile, the gang try to escape the Plated Sharptooth by hiding under a giant rock. The sharptooth sticks his head under the rock, but he cannot reach them. Knowing he can't reach, he simply lifts up the rock and resumes the pursuit.
LBT Giganotosaurus

The gang ends up running to the edge of the island, and are cornered at the edge of a cliff by the Big Water. They see the Cretoxyrhina (the secondary antagonist) that attacked them earlier in the film, but Cera tells them to worry about the other sharptooth. Just before he is about to eat them, Chomper comes to his friends' aid and bites him on his tail. He attempts to kill Chomper in response, but Cera then rams the sharptooth in the back of his foot. Chomper then lets go, and the Sharptooth bites his own tail instead, causing tears to well up in his eyes as he cries out in pain. He turns toward Cera, and lets out a massive roar in fury.

As the Sharptooth is about to resume his assault on the main characters, Chomper's parents show up and engage him in a fierce fight. He proves a formidable enemy as he engages his opponents separately, slashing at Chomper's Father's face with his finger claws and head butting him away, and incapacitating Chomper's Mother by cutting her leg with his toe claws and then delivering a massive tail whip, knocking her unconscious.

Chomper's father then re-engages him and manages to knock him off the edge of the cliff with a tail whip of his own to his face, sending him plummeting into the Big Water below. He sweeps Chomper off with himself in the process, but Littlefoot jumps in to rescue him. The sharptooth tries to continue his assault after regaining consciousness, but as the two boys resurface the Sharptooth gets caught in the current and washes away.


Plated Sharptooth's defeat

He presumably drowned off-screen, somewhat similar to the fate of the original Sharptooth in the first movie, or was possibly eaten by the Cretoxyrhina.

T-rex vs. Giganotosaurus

The Sharptooth and Chomper's Father brawl for a second time as Chomper's Mother lies injured in the foreground.


  • When Chomper hears the Sharptooth's growl, he says to himself that he's "not [his] daddy", this could infer that the Sharptooth is male, as Chomper compares him to his father and not his mother. Littlefoot also goes further when they're hiding under a large boulder, saying "I don't think he can reach us."
  • The sharptooth is somewhat accurate to an actual Giganotosaurus. It has the correct number of fingers, which were three. However, actual Giganotosaurus did not have plates on their backs, and were likely not as agile as the Plated Sharptooth is shown to be in the movie.
  • The Plated Sharptooth is among the most agile sharptooth in the sequels, with other notably athletic Sharpteeth including the Horned Sharptooth and the original.
  • It's unknown whether he drowns when he fell into the Big Water, and is eaten by the Cretoxyrhina, or makes it to shore after being dragged away by the current. Along with several other antagonists in the franchise, he has an unknown status.
    • Due to the fact that, within The Land Before Time universe, larger Sharpteeth are depicted as highly inadequate swimmers, it is most likely that the Plated Sharptooth drowned within the current.
  • He is the fifth antagonistic character to be defeated by a Sharptooth, after Ozzy, Strut, Ichy and Dil.
  • Unlike most large Sharpteeth in The Land Before Time movies, it seems that the Plated Sharptooth has been given Sharptooth's aerobatic ability to jump at extraordinary distances.
    • In addition, the Plated Sharptooth's personality and characterization are very similar to those of the Sharptooth from the original film. In some ways, one could describe the Plated Sharptooth as a sort of "tribute" to the original Sharptooth itself.
      • This could have been the idea of Charles Grosvenor when he directed the film (this was his first in the Land Before Time series).

        The Plated Sharptooth wounds Chomper's father

  • Unlike most Sharpteeth in the sequels, who are usually somewhat incompetent threats and are shown to be somewhat afraid of grown plant eaters, this Sharptooth is shown to be far more dangerous and determined. He has no problem jumping over a small ditch to get at his prey, fighting off two others of his kind, and even wounding them with his claws. In addition, his slitted pupils and more animalistic expressions make him out to be a particularly more menacing and dangerous Sharptooth. Considering that Giganotosaurus was larger than Tyrannosaurus, it's possible that this was intentional, although an actual Giganotosaurus would likely lose a fight against a Tyrannosaurus, as the latter was somewhat smarter and had a stronger bite force.
  • He holds the distinction of being the first character to ever draw visible blood on screen, as he claws Papa Sharptooth. He slashes Chomper's father's nose with his claws, and then slashes his mother's leg with his toes. And, unlike the first film, the scenes were not altered for the movie's final revision.
  • While not quite as unstoppable as the Sharptooth of the first film, the Plated Sharptooth has displayed unusual persistence by jumping over chasms and fighting off other sharpteeth in an attempt to get at the heroes.
  • His eyes are drawn in an unusually animalistic manner, with a lack of expression, prominently slitted pupils, and dark marks under his eyes. These mark him out as an unusually dangerous sharptooth.
  • This particular sharptooth is probably the first instance of Giganotosaurus appearing in a work of fiction, given the genus had been named two years prior to the release of The Mysterious Island. However, the dinosaur did not achieve much popularity until the year 2000, where a Giganotosaurus was the main dinosaur antagonist and final boss of Capcom's Dino Crisis 2. It was made even more popular when it was added to the 2015 survival game Ark: Survival Evolved.
    • This may be the reason why the creature wasn't very accurately depicted in the film. The information and anatomy of the Giganotosaurus may not have been known to the general public in 1997 when the film was released.
  • He is the first Giganotosaurid to appear in the franchise.
  • He is the first carnivore to appear in the franchise that was larger than Tyrannosaurus.
  • He is the first dinosaur to appear that was from the Carcharodontosauridae family, and the only dinosaur to appear from the sub-family Carcharodontosaurinae.
  • His red eyes and three fingers somewhat make him resemble the Tyrannosaurus rex from the 1940 Disney movie, Fantasia.
  • The fact he has red eyes, attempts to eat the children, fights a team of Tyrannosaurus, and meets a watery end also makes him quite similar to the Indominus rex from the film Jurassic World, although that movie came out years after The Mysterious Island was released.
    • If the possibility that he was ultimately killed and eaten by the Cretoxyrhina after being washed out to sea is true, then he and the Indominus are even more similar, as the Indominus was dragged into the Jurassic World Lagoon and eaten by the Mosasaurus in the climax of Jurassic World.
    • However, no evidence within the series supports that the Plated Sharptooth should have been able to have survived to that point; according to Land Before Time lore, Sharpteeth (at least the bigger ones) are poor swimmers, mainly because of their diminutive arms, therefore the Sharptooth would have most likely drowned before the Cretoxyrhina, or any other marine predator, could properly kill him.
  • The Plated Sharptooth is similar to Captain Salazar from the 2017 film Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
    • Both are the main antagonists of the 5th film of their franchises.
    • Both die in their movies by drowning.
    • Both are in fairly grumpy moods for most of their films.
      • Both also share similarities to antagonists from earlier films in their franchises, as the Plated Sharptooth is similar to Sharptooth from the original film as they are both persistent Sharpteeth, and Salazar is similar to Davy Jones because they are both cursed and cannot set foot on land.
  • The theme that plays when the sharptooth first appears and eats the bush is an edited version the first 27 or so seconds of "The Rescue/Discovery of the Great Valley" track from the original film's soundtrack.
    • Some argue that it is even better than the original version of the theme.
  • The gang find footprints near the Big Water in the desert near the land bridge to the island. They may belong to the Plated Sharptooth, and that he may have crossed the land bridge to the island to find food.
    • Evidence to back this up would include Chomper saying that it's a good thing that him and his parents were the only big sharpteeth around. The sharptooth may have crossed the land bridge the day before, unknowingly to Chomper and his parents.



  1. Littlefoot calls the Sharptooth a 'him'.

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