Petrie's Mother
Mamma Flier




Eye color



Pteranodon longiceps



Voice actor

Unknown (I)
Tress MacNeille (II-XII, TV series)
Anndi McAfee (XIV)

First appearance

The Land Before Time

Last appearance


Petrie's Mother, voiced by Tress MacNeille and currently by Anndi McAfee (who is also the current voice of Cera) and known as Mama Flyer by fans[1], is the mother of Petrie and his siblings, the sister of Pterano and a character in the Land Before Time films and television series. She is a Pteranodon, which is one of many species referred to as "Flyers" by the characters. She has a big heart toward all the young ones and is protective of her children. She once offered comfort to Ducky's mother when the latter was abducted by Pterano and his minions Rinkus & Sierra. Although she believes her brother would never intentionally hurt anyone, she is quite severe on Pterano, and makes it clear that she does not trust him. She plays a major role in the The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the Flyers.


  • Even though Petrie's mother is heard giggling at the end of the first film, her voice actor is unknown.
  • It is possible the reason that she and Mama Swimmer had different voice actors in XIV was because Tress MacNeille was unavailable at the time.



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