Paula Ribó (born on April 30, 1990 in Barcelona, Spain) is a Castilian and Catalan child actress who dubbed Cera in the 2003 Catalan version of The Land Before Time.

Other Castilian and Catalan roles


  • ButterCreamette #4 (Sarah Baker) in "The ButterCream Gang" and "The ButterCream Gang II: Secret of Treasure Mountain"
  • Rebecca in "The Seventh Brother"
  • Dot in "A Bug's Life"
  • Amy in "Toy Story 2"
  • Suri in "Dinosaur"
  • Chihiro in "Spirited Away"
  • Wendy Darling (Rachel Hurd-Wood) in "Peter Pan"


  • ButterCreamette #4 (Sarah Baker) in "The ButterCream Gang" and "The ButterCream Gang II: Secret of Treasure Mountain"
  • Young Kayley in "Quest for Camelot"
  • Suri in "Dinosaur"
  • Lil DeVille in "Rugrats in Paris: The Movie"
  • Chihiro in "Spirited Away"
  • Christiana in "A Knight's Tale"
  • Straw Hat Crow in "Dumbo (2002 version)"
  • Teresa Brisby in "The Secret of NIMH (2003 version)" and "The Secret of NIMH II: Timmy To The Rescue"
  • Abigail in "Once Upon A Forest (2002 version)"
  • Elena in "Lilo & Stitch"
  • Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) in the "Harry Potter" franchise except "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows"
  • Shanti in "The Jungle Book 2"
  • Sis in "Robin Hood (2003 version)"
  • Violet Beauregarde (AnnaSophia Robb) in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
  • Lindsey Persons (Aleisha Allen) in "Are We There Yet?" and "Are We Done Yet?"
  • Faline in "Bambi II"
  • Satsuki in "My Neighbor, Totoro (2006 version)"
  • Leslie Burke (AnnaSophia Robb) in "Bridge to Terabithia"
  • Lani Aliikai in "Surf's Up"
  • Trixie Shimura (Christina Ricci) in "Speed Racer (2008)"
  • Teenage Jenny (Christa B. Allen) in "Ghost of Girlfriends Past"
  • Alice in "Alice in Wonderland (2010)"
  • Loren McConnell in "The Reaping (2010 version)"
  • Hermione Granger in "Harry Potter and The deathly Hollows"
  • Lily (Elle Fanning) in "We Bought A Zoo"
  • Mérida in "Brave"


  • Paula began her acting career at a very young age, such as age 2.
  • In 1996, when she was six years old and still in kindergarten, she performed "La casa de los tesoros," the European Spanish version of "Zecchino d'oro"'s "Lascatola dei tesori."
  • Paula was 21 years old when she met other Castilian and Catalan child actresses, such as Bárbara Mestanza and Paula Malia. They formed a young ladies' singing group called "The Mamzells."
  • Her full name is Paula Ribó González.

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