A pack of Pachycephalosaurus ("domeheads" or "crown-heads") appear in the original The Land Before Time movie as the secondary antagonists, though their role is small.


The members of the pack are primarily brown in color, though one individual is black. In poor lighting, they are a cold grey. Two spikes jut from behind their nostrils, and their craniums are surrounded by an uneasy circle of knobs.


The pack only appears briefly in The Land Before Time, to terrorize the protagonistic character Cera. They are highly aggressive towards the young Triceratops, and her death is only avoided once Cera's friends (disguised as a tar monster) come into the caves. They flee, and do not return for the rest of the film.


  • It is unknown as to why the domeheads in the pack attack Cera. Some have justified it through the fact the pack is simply territorial, while others have suggested that their attack was provoked by hunger.


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