Nothosaurus BW
Nothosaurus was a genus of nothosaur, which was an order of marine reptiles. It lived throughout much of the Triassic period of geological time, 240 - 210 million years ago. In the universe of The Land Before Time, these creatures are referred to as Swimming Sharpteeth.

The Land Before Time

The Nothosaurus is notable for having the distinction of being the very first Swimming Sharptooth that the kids encounter. A Nothosaurus appears in The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure, when the gang first enters the Mysterious Beyond. They hear some high pitched screeches and look upon the swamp, to discover a Nothosaurus perching on a skeleton, then entering into the murky swamp waters. Petrie, frightened by the nothosaur, states that "This place spooky!". Nothosaurus has not been seen in the series since, although several other Swimming Sharpteeth have appeared in The Land Before Time series.

It is incorrectly depicted as living in an inland swamp, whereas the real creature primarily dwelled in coastal areas. It also quite heavily resembles a chinese dragon, due to its inaccurately serpentine body and the row of scales running down its back.