A dragon appears during the episode, The Spooky Nighttime Adventure, during a dream sequence.


The dragon only appears in one scene, during a nightmare being experienced by Cera. It harasses the young Threehorn, blasting fire at her and chasing her. It disappears after Cera fearfully declares that she "is not a scaredy-egg".


  • According to the storyboard for the episode The Spooky Nighttime Adventure, the dragon is part "pelican-mouthed T. rex eater", part Hidden Runner, and part dragon.[1]
  • This dragon also bears resemblance to the Prehistoric Dragon seen in the 2004 Animal Planet/Channel 4 docufiction, The Last Dragon (known as Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real in the United States).
  • Its roars sound similar to those of Zilla from the 1998 film, Godzilla, and its spinoff animated television series.



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