Night Flowers

The Night Flower is a plant that only grows in the Land of Mists. It is golden and is a wonder to look at. When Grandpa Longneck got sick in The Land Before Time IV: Journey through the Mists, the gang, along with Ali, had to journey to the Land of Mists and collect some. The Old One had explained that only the golden petals of the Night Flower could cure Grandpa's illness, though they could only find them in the Mists, a very dangerous place. When the gang and Ali went to sleep in the dangerous land, they almost missed the flowers since the plants only bloom at night. When they brought some of the flowers back, Grandpa ate some of the petals and soon got better.


  • Night Flowers may be loosely based on the Lunar flower.
  • The flower may only be located in certain regions of the Land of Mists, because Ali, despite having possibly lived in the area for years, says that she'd never actually seen the flower for herself before.