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"My Reality" is a song, sung by both Mr. Threehorn and his daughter, Cera in the episode "The Bright Circle Celebration", expressing their belief that everything is what it seems to be.


Cera is frustrated with her friends for working on the Bright Circle Celebration, a celebration directed towards pleasing the Bright Circle so it wont go out. Cera thinks the celebration is just nonsense and hard work. She goes home to her father upset, and when he tells Cera that Tria and Tricia are "off on some bright circle celebration nonsense", she is happy that someone else agrees with her. This leads to them singing the song "My Reality".


Mr. Threehorn
Life's exactly what you see

Nothing is a mystery

Mr. Threehorn
A rock's a rock, a tree's a tree
It's what I call reality

is so plain to see
It's right in front of me

Mr. Threehorn
My reality

is problem-free

Mr. Threehorn
I can see the world is flat

The sky is round,
can't argue that

Mr. Threehorn
While we stand still here on the ground

The Bright Circle goes 'round

Both Simultaneously
Mr. Threehorn/Cera
Reality/My reality
Is no mystery/is just what you see
It's right in front of me/There's no mystery

Mr. Threehorn
My reality

Both in unison
Is plain to see


  • During the song, a Pride Rock makes a cameo note this is parody on The Lion King which makes Disney famous.

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