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Mussaurus (meaning mouse lizard) is a prosauropod. They lived in the Late Triassic period. They were smaller than Plateosaurus (An prosauropod or a Sauropodomorpha from the same period as Mussasaurus) Mussasaurus fossil was found in the 1970s. Coelophysis were bigger than this dinosaur. Mussasaurus were smaller than an original sauropod but bigger than Microraptor.

Mussaurus in The Land Before Time

The Tinysauruses also known as Tiny Longnecks that appear in The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses are Mussaurus. Mussaurus and Plateosaurus are the only prosauropods of the franchise. The most notable characters of this species were LizzieSkitterBig Daddy and the twins. Unlike their reality counterparts the adults are the same size as the younger Musssaurs. They come in many different colors.



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