Mrs. Mama is a character in the Land Before Time series. She is a Diplodocus, which is called a "Longneck" in the films and television series. She first appeares in The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water, and is voiced by Miriam Flynn. "Mrs. Mama" is not her real name, but what Ducky referres to her as. In the credits, she is credited as "Diplodocus Mom".

Role in the stories

In Journey to Big Water

When Ducky accidentally falls into her nest, and the others try to get her out, Mrs. Mama thinks that they are trying to hurt her eggs, and corners them against a rocky wall. However, when Ducky apologizes for disturbing the nest, and explaines what is happening, she realizes that they are just children, and softens toward them. She also lets them spend the night in her nest, as it is getting late and they need a safe place to sleep. During this time, her eggs hatch.

Other appearances

Mrs. Mama may appear in Invasion of the Tinysauruses, as while all the residents of the Great Valley are searching for the so-called "creepy-crawlies" (who are in fact the Tinysauruses), a female Diplodocus who's voice is like that of Mrs. Mama is seen searching around a rock for the creepy-crawlies. She then confuses her own tail to be one, and repeatedly encircles the rock chasing it and telling it to stop. This instance would imply that she and her hatchlings have moved into the Great Valley since Journey to Big Water.


Mrs. Mama is shown to be very protective of her children, and to be hostile towards anything she thinks is a threat. However, she is very friendly and hospitable to those she can trust.

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