Moschops (meaning calf face) is an extinct genus of therapsid that lived in the Late Permian, around 255 million years ago. Therapsids were proto-mammals (non-mammal synapsids), which were the dominant land animals. Five metres long, Moschops was the largest land animal of its time, a herbivore preyed on by other therapsids. Its remains were found in the Karoo region of South Africa.It was the largest land animal at the time, with a body length of around 5 metres (16 ft). It was a heavily-built herbivore with short, chisel-like teeth for cropping vegetation. The forelimbs sprawled outwards, like those of a modern lizard, but the hind limbs were more mammalian in form, being placed directly under the body. The diet of Moschops was mostly plants, sometimes eating meat.

It had a thickened skull and it has been proposed that the animals competed with each other by head-butting; mountain sheep use a similar method. A short, but heavy tail may have counterbalanced its large head if the thick skull was a natural occurrence. It was probably the main source of food for predatory therapsids such as Lycaenops.

The Land Before Time

One can be seen in the ending credits of The Great Valley Adventure. It appears as a huge,gray,quadrupedal and bulky reptile with a beak-shaped mouth, and is seen resting with an Euoplocephalus, a Saurolophus, and a Scutosaurus.

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