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Allos Chasing Littlefoot
Sharptooth (Blu-ray)
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  • 1.) Sharptooth himself in post-art shift style (the VII variant)

    2.) Sharptooth himself being frightened by cereal

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    • Nate56mate wrote:
      NanoLancensis wrote:
      Nate56mate wrote:
      Isn't Red Claw Already Grown Up
      I interpret him as the middle ground between the sub-adults in VIII - XIV and the adults from I - VI (and here).
      Wouldn't That Make Him a College Student (Around 20-23)

      Before I stopped really caring about how the TLBT world works, I put him around the age of 19 or so.

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    • So I Take It The Reason He is So Incompetent Is Because He Just Got Out of High School

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • and I'm planning on watching The Meltdown tomorrow; I don't remember the movie I just watched being as good as it is.

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    • The Meltdown is alright, pretty entertaining and just a hair away from being truly good; if the first movie is a 8.5/10, I'd give the sequel a 6.5/10.

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    • Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a weird one; I think it's funnier than the last movie and has better action and animation (and Buck), but I think the plot is a weird turn for the series; the dinosaur designs that aren't T. rex are downright bizarre (I think Rudy is better than Strawberry at least, but only because he has the benefit of being a cartoon).

      I'd also give it a 6.5/10.

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    This was made by Fred Wierum (link to source , moderate language warning), shortly after the first Fallen Kingdom trailer landed; I personally think this is way better than the weird sewer gator abomination we got in the movie.

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  • I'm planning on starting a first movie-centric Great Valley simulation in JWE, and I want to know when I should start

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    • Also Can You Recreate Scenes from The Lion King

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    • I could try to recreate the stampede, at least.

      I've decided to stop playing JWE for the time being and play the other Frontier park-building game.

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    • A FANDOM user
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    as much as I've talked about how cool Enchanted Learning is for providing a glimpse into the primordial ooze of awesomebro culture, I have to say that it's just as entertaining to see the platform wherein a lot of paleontological icons from the 90's and 20's got to discuss dinosaur movies and new discoveries.


    Even in 1997, people (in this case, Darren freaking Naish in particular) were complaining about the tails of Jurassic Park's stegosaurs.

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  • .

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    • Yep

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    • Here they are:

      VALLEY OF THE T. REX (2001) thoughts

      - this was apparently a really controversial documentary from jack horner, the paleo consultant for jurassic park; let's see how badly they actually blew it by today's standards

      - they call horner a "maverick"

      - "monster"?

      - as ugly as the t. rex here is, i think it's actually really cool-looking

      - 66 million years ago and not 65!

      - quetz is weird-lookin'

      - edmontosaurs look good; then again, i think this is reused footage from wdra, given the rex design showed off here isn't the vulture they propose later

      - yeah this is wdra footage; 0/10 no sulley from monsters inc.

      - i presume this was made before we found bones from edmontosaurs and triceratops with healed tyrannosaur bite marks, which are good proof that t. rex were at least partially predatory

      - the wdra cgi is pretty wacky

      - "no one likes that idea" at least he's honest

      - the t. rex makes literal bear noises here

      - t. rex was a normal animal, not an evil monster; i don't like how they're portraying it in predator form

      - this is the land before anchiornis, sinosauropteryx and borealopelta

      - who is narrating?

      - "ONLY" two dozen skeletons!?

      - was that t. rex in a tripod posture?

      - horner is answering my question; yes it was


      - i like the stabbing at the tripod posture

      - the first t. rex arm was only known in 1990?

      - wankel's rex is on display here

      - they've showed a t. rex bellyflopping twice now

      - going off of this, only its hands were sticking out of its big fat chest; this isn't proof of not being a predator. it could just use its big, muscular legs to right itself

      - dinosaur 2: valley of the t rex

      - the usage of "tertiary" makes me wonder; when was "paleogene" coined?

      - wwd background dino calls

      - a gnat is bugging me; it has been for a month or two

      - i don't have the patience for that kind of work

      - apparently wankel was responsible for the scavenger/predator debate all by itself

      - i don't recognize this deinonychus/tenontosaur fight from any other documentaries

      - small dromaeosaurs were impressive predators, but hunters of edmontosaurs, ankylosaurs and triceratops they were not

      - the deinonychus has fuzz; more than just jp3 quills

      - t. rex might not have been a fast animal, or even a runner by this documentary, but the animals in its habitat were slugbeasts; it still could have caught them

      - it didn't have the tools to be a hunter... besides the sledgehammers that were its jaws

      - jack horner was viciously assaulted by fourth- and sixth-graders for calling t. rex a scavenger; t. rex fanboys are kinda horrible and they always have been

      - "g-rex"

      - dramatic toes

      - i wonder if g-rex; a 35ft long t. rex; served as the inspiration for the jp3 rex

      - g-rex flopping over and choppily going into a dramatic pose is kind of funny

      - at least the show is aware that nothing is certain here, and that there is no smoking gun

      - is horner seriously suggesting that t. rex had bad eyesight?

      - him saying it had a great sense of smell is right, but bad eyes... pah!

      - where'd they get that dead vulture from?

      - "t. rex and vultures had similar olfactory bulbs, ergo t. rex was an obligate scavenger"


      - "yeppindeedly t. rex was 100% scavenger, saying it might have also been a predator while also being a scavenger is baaaad"; i think there's a word for only saying that it can be one thing and ignoring the possibility that it did things on the side (hours later, looked it up: "false dichotomy" is the fallacy, it comes from saying there's only two options in an argument while not even bothering to consider a middle ground; our outright pissing on the middle ground in horner's case)

      - i think there was a bug on one of the rocks

      - i don't like his cockiness in regards to his theory, but horner is at least sensible

      - "t. rex ate carcasses, therefore that must have been literally the only thing it did"

      - i don't want to repeat what i just said right above this

      - how the hell can raptors kill a triceratops?

      - the rex design went from wdra to fat crocodile vulture in no time

      - is that what would be described as daspletosaurus horneri in 2017?

      - going off of this, early t. rex were buffed up daspletosaurs while k-pg boundary rexes were gigantic fatbeasts

      - the proposed tyrannosaur design reminds me of the ditw design

      - they're using spotted hyenas (very competent, active hunters) as examples of t. rex proxies; whoops!

      - as ugly and tubby as this tyrannosaurus is, it looks really cool, and i actually think that it's entirely plausible

      - the predator rex hypothesis might have been thrown off in 2001, but as i write, i think that the idea is actually pretty accurate nowadays

      - are these proto-dakotaraptors, or what?

      - also pronated hands on all of the theropods lol

      - time has not been kind to this; even ignoring that, i think a lot of horner's ideas are kind of off-base, the cgi was weak, and there wasn't much dino action; 5/10 ~ a t. rex hater

      - i wonder how many rex fanboys saw this on the night it aired and really wanted to b-redactec-h about it on enchanted learning the next day, only to be sidetracked by the fact that the 9/11 new york attack happened on the morning after votr and that's a little bit more important than the bruised egos of the embryotic dinosaur community

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    • What Kind of Work Didn't You Have Patience For

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    • Nate56mate wrote:
      What Kind of Work Didn't You Have Patience For

      Actual field work, in regards to paleontology.

      It apparently takes a full year just to unearth one partial T. rex!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • the 3 hour-long one made with toys starring a Noasaurus, not the one with John Goodman

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    • I watched the whole thing in 2010. Also, the guy who made it still has a really good channel. He has reviewed a lot of prehistoric documentaries so far.

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    • I used to watch the first 14 parts every once in a while when I was younger; my interest always dropped off once the Pteranodon and the life machine were introduced, and only a few days ago did I watch the entire movie (I feel like it goes downhill pretty fast after the green Ultrasauros dies; this is a sentiment shared by the two creators of the movie).

      Hoops' current content isn't all that different from what I'd do if I were to remake my YouTube account.

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  • The movie will start with Sharptooth and Red Claw's origins, and why they're enemies. He'll also protect Littlefoot, after Red Claw killed his mother. When Red Claw kidnaps Littlefoot, Sharptooth then decides to show him he's a real guardian. Rated PG-13

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