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    • Oops, I typed infinite.  

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    • MongooseLover wrote: I removed the content and banned the user (whom I heard from Lord of thje Stars that he too thought the guy was underage.)

      I'm not sure how you guys are finding the birth year.  All I can find is the day.   

      Anyway, he has been banned till the year 2100.  (I'd have done indefinite, but don't know how to set it.)

      Oh you thought that was his actual birth date? No that's the birth date o the actual Prince Bowser Koopa Junior of the koopa empire. But, you did get it right when I replied through metaphoric stile. What I was saying is if someone was 14 they would make a better page, if it was written by a dragon turtle from the Mario universe at the age I think he is they would do better. (You would be amazed what they can accomplish as youth.) The age I would think him to be is around what you would see in say second grade, possibly 3rd grade, but defiantly not good enough to qualify as 4rth grade for what a young human can accomplish.

      But yah, the reason I made a metaphoric reply is because I felt he don't deserve to impersonate bowser junior. Which is actually saying a lot, bowser junior is a known vandal. We wouldn't want the real one hear either. But, he would make a better page.

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