Meganeura ("large nerved') is a genus of giant dragonfly that lived during the Carboniferous period of Europe. It resembled modern dragonflies, except for its large size. It was a predatory animal, catching smaller insects and small lizards for its food.

In The Land Before Time

Meganeura briefly appears in The Land Before Time, where it is seen watching Littlefoot sleeping with his mother and grandparents before flying away.

A pair of Meganeura briefly appear in The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island, where they are seen flying around a swampy area.

Meganeura appears as an enemy in The Land Before Time for GameBoy Advance. They appear in the second area of the game, Smelly Swamp. They will fly back and forth until a player jumps into them, which will damage the player. However, they can be simply defeated by jumping on their back. They give the player 50 points when defeated.