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The "Biggest, Meanest, Most Ferocious Sharptooth Ever" is a legendary Tyrannosaurus rex who appears in Grandpa Longneck's story in The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock. He bears resemblance to the original Sharptooth and Chomper's father. He is said to have fought with the legendary "Lone Dinosaur", and was the meanest of all Sharpteeth.


According to legend, the Sharptooth once came to the Great Valley and attacked a herd of Longnecks. He was about to kill a female when the "Lone Dinosaur" showed up and they fought. During the fight he slashed the Lone Dinosaur across his right eye leaving a long scar; as the Sharptooth began to gain the upper hand the Lone Dinosaur tripped him and he landed close to the edge of a cliff. As the Sharptooth got up the Lone Dinosaur used his tail to whip him off the cliff, falling to his presumed death. Supposedly, after Saurus Rock rose from the earth, the teeth of the Sharptooth became a ring of tooth-shaped stones around the monolith.

The "Lone Dinosaur" fighting the "Meanest Sharptooth".

Some fans have speculated that the Tyrannosaurus that appears in The Secret of Saurus Rock is the "ghost" of this particular Sharptooth, based on the fact that instead of attacking an Allosaurus intruding on its territory it turns on Doc and the other Longnecks, and the Allosaurus pays it little notice. Also, because it appears very close to where the legendary Sharptooth was supposedly killed, and that it very closely resembles it. However, there is no official statement to back up these claims. It is also been suggested that the Meanest Sharptooth is the same Sharptooth that attacked Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike in the original film, although this is unlikely, given the amount of time that passed between the Meanest Sharptooth's defeat and the original Sharptooth's death in the first film.


  • This sharptooth may appear as a ghost or still alive in the climax of the film. This would possibly explain why the Allosaurus didn't appear to notice the Tyrannosaurus seen in the climax, or even engage in a fight against a rival predator on its territory. However, it could also simply be a coincidence; the first film's Sharptooth and Chomper's Father look nearly identical to both of the two Tyrannosaurus depicted in this movie.


  1. While Grandpa Longneck only calls it a Sharptooth in his story, Cera calls the Sharptooth male while scaring Dinah and Dana.

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