The song's aim

The song, "Me Need New Home" is sung by Petrie, Littlefoot, Ruby and Chomper in the episode "Days of Rising Water" because Petrie, his mother and siblings lost their home in drenching rain that totally destroyed it. The reinforcement group consisting Littlefoot, Chomper and Ruby arrived too late to be able to save it so, instead, they helped him and his family find any leftover parts of their home like sticks.

The song has a lower absolute pitch, giving the song's sound more melancholy and given the circumstances which Petrie sings the song than the other episodes like "Search for the Sky Color Stones" and "The Brave Longneck Scheme" (Ducky for the song "Hide My Stones" and Littlefoot with Cera for the song "We Need A Plan").



Me no want new home
Me love me old nest
It not fair
Sky water wash it away
Me make new nest right here
Me stay


You've got to go
It's not safe to live here


You must know
Moving's the best thing for you


And your mom and family too


It is true


But me no want
to have to say goodbye
to you, me friend
to not cry


It's really not the end


Me still must leave
Not believe
Me need new home


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