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Screenshot of the character Littlefoot.

This is a list of quotes relating to the Land Before Time character Littlefoot. These include quotes said by the character in the series, and said about the character in the real-world.

Quotes by Littlefoot

In The Land Before Time

  • We did it. We did it together.
  • (To Cera, after their fight) Go on! Go the wrong way! We never wanted you with us anyway!
  • (To the others) Oh, you can't quit now. What if the Great Valley's just over the top of these rocks?
  • (Last original lines) Now we'll always be together. (Note: This line was removed from the entire film.)

In The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure

  • (to Grandpa Longneck) Aww... I hate being little!
  • (to Ozzy and Strut trying to throw him off the cliff) Let me go! OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!
  • Ozzy: We are sorry we did not do this soon of! Say "Bye bye" leaf eater.

In The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving

  • (After what Mr. Threehorn said) I don't understand, Grandpa. Why does Cera's dad think I'm bad?
  • (To Hyp, when he tells them not to tell anybody else about the water) We're telling! And you better not try and stop us!
  • (To Hyp, in the tar pit) Stop moving Hyp, or it'll only make you sink faster!

In The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists

  • Grandpa Longneck: Our cousins are strong, and the Old One is wise.
    • Littlefoot: Well, I don't think she's so smart!

In The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island

  • "This is Chomper, remember? We saved him from egg-eaters, we hatched him, we're like his family, he'd never hurt us."
  • (When the others refuse to leave the valley, if they must split) Where will I ever find friends like you?

In The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock

  • Littlefoot: Who needs them anyway? I'm a lone dinosaur; I don't need anybody! Gee, I wonder if all lone dinosaurs talk to themselves like this? (thinks) They must, it would be too quiet.

In The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire

  • Petrie: How come you not play?
    • Littlefoot: [sighing] I'm just upset about this morning, except for grandma and grandpa - nobody believes me.
      • Ducky: We believe you - right Spike? [Spike nods] Only er - Littlefoot, well, I can see the stone in the fire and the stone is cold. But - how can a stone which is cold be on fire? I do not understand - no, no, no.
        • Littlefoot: I know it doesn't make much sense - but, I saw what I saw.
  • Littlefoot: [asking if Cera believes in Littlefoot's stone of cold fire sighting] Cera?
    • Cera: I don't know - I mean, maybe if I'd seen it myself.
  • Littlefoot: That's it! If we find that stone of cold fire then everyone can see it for themselves, that'd prove I was telling the truth!
  • Pterano: The only way to convince yourself and everyone else, is as you say to go and find that stone.
    • Littlefoot: [unassured] Er... I wasn't serious - I was just - thinking out loud.
  • Grandpa: It just sounds like Pterano is up to his old tricks again.
    • Littlefoot: Er, what old tricks?
      • Grandpa: Oh - well let's just say that if we hadn't put a stop to Pterano, we might never had made it to the Great Valley.
        • Littlefoot: That's awful!
          • Grandpa: Yes, it was... Someday, when you're older, I'll tell you about it.
            • Littlefoot: Oh, why do I have to wait until...
              • Grandma: In the meantime, remember, Pterano may sound as if he knows everything, even when he knows nothing.
                • Grandpa: So be careful, will you?
                  • Littlefoot: OK, I promise.
  • Ducky: [Petrie has just tumbled down a hill and crashed into hard pinecones] Petrie, are you OK?
    • Cera: No, he's not OK, because it's not OK to tell a lie!
      • Littlefoot: I'm sorry Petrie, but my grandparents told me to be careful around your uncle. Sometimes he uses his words to fool you.
        • Petrie: No, you wrong! He not do that!
          • Cera: I think Pterano is trouble and so are those other flyers he was with. My dad says you can tell a lot about somebody by the quality of his friends.
            • Petrie: Oh yeah? Well - well then - me in trouble, 'cause my friends act like stinkbugs! [Flies away weeping]
              • Ducky: Petrie, do not go - no, no, no!
                • Cera: Agh, who cares? Maybe he should just go off with the rest of those stupid old fliers.
                  • Littlefoot: That's, what worries me.
  • Littlefoot: We can't wait any longer, we have to save Ducky ourselves.
    • Cera: Aren't you forgetting? The grown-ups said those smoking mountains are off-limits!
      • Petrie: Yeah, they be real mad if we gone.
        • Littlefoot: By the time they've'e stopped arguing - we could be back again! They wouldn't even notice!
          • Cera: Well even if you *could* catch up to those fliers, then what will you do?
            • Littlefoot: I - I don't know. But Grandpa told me to trust my insticnts. And my insticnts say we gotta do something!

In The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water

  • "I wish my mom had given me a brother, then I'd always have someone to have fun with."

In The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration

  • (tearfully to Bron) "Where were you, all this time?"
  • Littlefoot: "In my sleep story last night, I saw you butt your head against this tall rock and it split right in half!
  • Cera: Really? I did that?
  • Littlefoot: Yeah, but like you said, sleep stories are dumb. Some thing like that could never really happen.
  • Cera: Well now wait! I didn't say everything that happens in a sleep story is dumb.
  • Littlefoot: Sure you did.
  • Petrie: Uh huh.
  • Cera: I did not. I said somethings. But this headbutting thing, I could do that.
  • Littlefoot: Sure you could
  • Petrie: Yeah right! (Everyone except Cera laughs)
  • Cera: I could too. There's not a rock in the whole Great Valley that I couldn't crack with my head!
  • Littlefoot: Oh yeah. Hmm, let's see. How about that one? (Pointing to a tall rock).
  • Petrie: Yeah that one.
  • Littlefoot: Well.
  • Cera: Uh, sure. I could do that. No problem.
  • Littlefoot: Great!
  • Cera: Oh. Uh, okay. (Cera headbutts onto the rock). I'm going home. My head hurts.
  • Littlefoot: I didn't mean for her to make her head hurt.
  • Petrie: Me think you mainly hurt her brag bone.