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The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure

Original Homage
Land-before-time-br-disneyscreencaps com-3994
Land-before-time2-disneyscreencaps com-3365

The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock

Original Homage
Land-before-time5-disneyscreencaps com-7091
Land-before-time5-disneyscreencaps com-7093
Land-before-time5-disneyscreencaps com-7094
Land-before-time6-disneyscreencaps com-396
Land-before-time6-disneyscreencaps com-398
Land-before-time6-disneyscreencaps com-399

The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze

Original Homage
When the Sharptooth is chasing Littlefoot and Cera up the snowy slope, it looks very similar to the Great Earthshake sequence from the first film; when the original Sharptooth is trying to get at the two as they are slipping into a chasam.

The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration

Original Homage
Land-before-time4-disneyscreencaps com-7664
Land-before-time4-disneyscreencaps com-7670
Land-before-time4-disneyscreencaps com-7672
Land-before-time4-disneyscreencaps com-7677
Land-before-time10-disneyscreencaps com-4484
Land-before-time10-disneyscreencaps com-4487
Land-before-time10-disneyscreencaps com-4491
Land-before-time10-disneyscreencaps com-4498

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