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There are many Sharpteeth, or carnivorous creatures in The Land Before Time. They are usually the main antagonists of the movies, sequels, and series, while a select few others, such as Chomper, are protagonistic. The most common voices for Sharpteeth are Frank Welker, Danny Mann, Pete Sepenuk, and Rob Paulsen.

This is a list of the various Sharpteeth seen throughout the series.

Movie Series

The Land Before Time

Sharptooth - A dark green Tyrannosaurus; the main antagonist of the first film. Is inadvertently blinded in one eye by Littlefoot. Kills Littlefoot's mother. Chases the main characters until they push a huge rock on him, causing him to fall into a lake and presumably drown.

Dimetrodon - A Dimetrodon is seen briefly when Littlefoot, Ducky, and Petrie are traveling to the Great Valley. Littlefoot tells the others to stay down as it walks by.

Metriorhynchus - A Metriorhynchus appears chasing a fish in the introductory sequence of the first film.

The Great Valley Adventure

Tyrannosaurus - A Tyrannosaurus appears at the beginning of the movie during the narration. It bears resemblance to the original Sharptooth and Chomper's father.

Nothosaurus - A Nothosaurus lurks in a swamp that the main characters investigate.

Baby Chomper

Baby Chomper

Chomper - A baby Sharptooth who befriends the main characters after his egg is brought to the Valley by mistake. He is the only Sharptooth who is friendly.
Chomper's Mom & Dad

Chomper's Parents

Chomper's Father - A dark green Tyrannosaurus. Invades the Great Valley with his wife while searching for Chomper. His coloration is similar to that of the original Sharptooth's.

Chomper's Mother - An olive green Tyrannosaurus. Invades the Great Valley with her husband while searching for Chomper.

The Time of the Great Giving

Unquillosaurus pack - These were the first known Fast-Biters to appear in the franchise. During the introduction of the third, the scene about evolution fades from the Devonian to the Mesozoic, where an Unquillosaurus is drinking from a river. The individual then notices its pack members coming towards it and thus follows them over the river.

Dromaeosaurus pair- During the introduction of the third film, two Dromaeosaurus (one blue, another brownish) are seen surrounding a Chasmosaurus. The brown one leaps at the ceratopsian before the scene fades to the Great Valley. It is unknown what became of any of them.


Velociraptor from III

Velociraptor pack - When the dinosaurs in the Great Valley came to the Mysterious Beyond to get their water back, they were attacked by a pack of four Velociraptors. While they fought back, one was covered in rocks and the remaining three were separated from the leafeaters by a river.

Journey Through the Mists

Ichy and Dil - An Ichthyornis and Deinosuchus who side with each other to catch prey. The two don't like each other much, but stay together because of their handicaps: Dil's being sight and Ichy's being size. Though they are possibly sharpteeth, they are categorized in a different term.

Tyrannosaurus - A Tyrannosaurus (resembling Chomper's Father and the Sharptooth from the first film) was seen briefly at the beginning of the film chasing a group of Dryosaurus.

Hydrotherosaurus - A large male Hydrotherosaurus attacks Dil after she bumps into him, chasing her away. He is one of the few Sharpteeth who didn't chase after Littlefoot and his friends.

The Mysterious Island

Barracuda - An aggressive carnivorous fish that dwells in ocean waters. When the Prehistoric Pals used a log as a raft to get back to the main land, a barracuda jumped out of the water numerous times trying to eat Ducky.

Swimming Sharptooth - A Cretoxyrhina that prevents the main characters from traveling back to the mainland.

Chomper - The five main characters meet Chomper on an island while searching for enough food to feed the herds. Now old enough to talk, Chomper helps them get around the island and protects them from his parents.

Chomper's Father - Chomper's father appears again along with his wife. He has a sense of humor. Although not the main antagonists, Chomper helps keep his friends safe from his parents.

Chomper's Mother - Chomper's mother appears again along with her husband. She is very caring towards her son. Although not the main antagonists, Chomper helps keep his friends safe from his parents.

T-rex vs. Giganotosaurus

Giganotosaurus vs. Papa Sharptooth

Plated Sharptooth - A Giganotosaurus who lives on the same island as Chomper's family. Unknown to them at first, he chases the main characters and later attacks Chomper's parents when they try to protect him.

Sharptooth Flyer - A carnivorous female Pterodactylus that tries to feed Ducky to her hatchlings.

The Secret of Saurus Rock

Postosuchus - A crocodilian-like sharptooth that lived during the time of the dinosaurs. In the intro to the movie, one Postosuchus is put as an example of early life that rose out the water for life on land.


Meanest Sharptooth

"The Biggest, Meanest, Most Ferocious Sharptooth Ever" - A legendary Sharptooth that the Lone Dinosaur defeated. His teeth are said to be the same ones around the neck of Saurus Rock.

Allosaurus - A female Allosaurus that attacked the gang when they were searching for the twins. She later teamed up with a Tyrannosaurus and fought Grandpa Longneck and Doc.

Tyrannosaurus - A male Tyrannosaurus that fights alongside the Allosaurus while the characters are in the canyon. He supposedly dies along with the male Allosaurus when Grandpa Longneck and Doc supposedly brings down a pile of rocks on top of the two sibling Sharpteeth completely burying them alive.

The Stone of Cold Fire

Deinonychus pack - A pack of male Deinonychus that are seen in a flashback. They attacked and killed Pterano's faction of the herd.

The Big Freeze

Mountain Sharptooth - A Tyrannosaurus that attacks the main characters when they get stranded in the Mysterious Beyond. He supposedly dies after he is knocked off a cliff by a log. He is said to be an Albertosaurus.

Journey to Big Water

Swimming Sharptooth - A Liopleurodon that is washed into the Great Valley along with Mo in a flood. He serves as the main antagonist until he reaches the Big Water and forgets about the main characters.

The Great Longneck Migration

Gray Tyrannosaurus - A gray Tyrannosaurus that lives in a swamp. Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike at first mistake him for a boulder and sleep next to him. He wakes up when the children start talking and chases them. He later attacks the characters with two other Sharpteeth. He and his fellow companions are said to be Daspletosaurus.

Green Tyrannosaurus - One of the Sharpteeth that attacks the characters when they find Littlefoot.


Orange-Brown Daspletosaurus from V

Orange-Brown Tyrannosaurus - He chases the kids while they are trying to find Littlefoot. He attacks Pat who tries to help the children escape.

Postosuchus - These quadrupedal Sharpteeth inhabit a swampland.

Sarcosuchus - A Sarcosuchus that lives in a marsh attacks the Longneck herd that migrates through, almost eating Littlefoot, but is crushed by Sue. Later, Littlefoot's friends also face off against it, and it almost eats Petrie. Like Ichy and Dil this creature is dubbed by a different term.

Invasion of the Tinysauruses

Utahraptor - Two Utahraptor who attack the Tinysaurus herd when they travel into the Mysterious Beyond. The pair are eventually driven out by the adults after invading the Great Valley.

The Great Day of the Flyers

Sail-Backed Sharptooth - A purple Spinosaurus who attacks Guido when he sleep-flies into the Mysterious Beyond.

Postosuchus - One appears in the introductory sequence of the film, roaring on a cliff, but dying of apparently natural causes.

The Wisdom of Friends

Baryonyx pack - A pack of Baryonyx that attack the children when they are trying to help Loofah, Doofah, and Foobie escape. The pack supposedly were killed when they stood on the edge of a cliff and it shattered under their weight, causing them to fall.

Journey of the Brave

Featherhead Sharpteeth - A pack of Yutyrannus that attack the children at points in the film. Though their attempts to eat the childen are initially foiled due to the pair being unable to find the five juveniles, they eventually become active threats after they mistakenly dispose of their defenses. They are ultimately defeated during a spat on a high ledge; the first being tripped off of a cliff, and the other being smashed by a multitude of boulders and frightened away.

Horned Sharptooth - A Carnotaurus that briefly appears to attack Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike while they are separated from Littlefoot. He later appears searching for easy prey, and nearly discovers Grandpa Longneck, Mr. Threehorn, Wild Arms, Chomper and Ruby, before being distracted by a passing flock of ornithomimids, which he chases away.

Television Series

Chomper - Chomper appears once again, now living in the Great Valley after being separated from his parents. An Oviraptor named Ruby takes care of him.


Red Claw

Red Claw - The main antagonist of the TV series. According to Chomper, he is the biggest and meanest Sharptooth in the Mysterious Beyond. He and his minions Screech and Thud appear to rule the area outside the Great Valley. He separated Chomper and Ruby from their families.

Screech and Thud - Two Utahraptor who are minions to Red Claw. They go into small caves or thin ledges to find Red Claw's prey, and attack where he can't.

Sharptooth Mom - A mother Utahraptor who lays eggs in a cave by the Great Valley. She chases the main characters as they carry her eggs to the Mysterious Beyond.

Sharpteeth (Rhett Story) - A pair of Tyrannosaurus that appear in Rhett's (made-up) story. They attack the herd, but are soon defeated by Rhett a number of times.

Acrocanthosaurus - A family of Sharpteeth consisting of a child and two parents. When Chomper is on a mission to teach Sharpteeth how to be "nice", he tries to become friends with the child, who is around his age. The child however doesn't understand him talking in leafeater and acts aggressively towards him. He finally gets his parents who chase Chomper away.

Rutiodon - Several Rutiodon invade the great valley. Cera claims she had driven them away, but they come back and Cera's dad drives them away for real.

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